Zero Athens

International style at home in Boston.


Brand Guidelines


Marketing Collateral


Signage & Wayfinding

Visual System

Brand Strategy

The Story

The primary shape of the logo is a simplified abstraction of the building’s unique footprint, highlighting the modular stepping of it’s north facade.

Adaptable and ownable

Conceived with reference to the flexibility of the building’s configuration within a narrow triangular plot, the logo can be pulled apart and re-arranged to create new iterations for any given application.

Taking a collaborative approach

A professor once said that it’s your clients who make the work. This could not be more true with regard to our work with Transom in developing their Zero Athens brand.

Building off a strong foundation

Their vision for the overall building – notably its defining footprint & exterior facade – laid the groundwork for us to create a differentiated & notably contemporary identity.

A bold expression of craft and consideration

The overall impact of the visual identity is meant to strike a balance between form and function.

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