An artful blend of lush decadence and decayed elegance – earning Eater’s Restaurant Design of the Year.


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The Story

Inspired by the beauty, culture and cuisine of Havana, the Mariel brand offers a throwback to the hospitality and service of an earlier time.

The restaurant’s faded beauty and decayed elegance, coupled with bright artful touches creates an immersive and energetic dining experience.

Curated cocktails with Caribbean flare

Culture and charisma of Havana nightlife with lived-in glamour accentuated by lush greenery, eye-catching light fixtures, and vibrant drinks.

A multifaceted experience developed upon a storied past

The identity is layered upon the remnants of the conceptual ‘Commonwealth Union Banking Association’ (C.U.B.A.) to portray a narrative of prosperity followed by ruin and subsequent revival.