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We had the pleasure of working with Boston-based RODE Architects to solidify a brand position that embodies their progressive and collaborative spirit. The resulting "indie rock of architecture" identity is strong & stable – with sleek refinement, a dash of playfulness, a hint of premium performance, and a lot of creative character.

Flexible, Formidable, and Adaptable.

Founded in 2006 by Kevin Deabler and Eric Robinson, the name RODE comes from the first two letters of their last names and is pronounced Row-Dee. The identity centers around a custom R-O-D-E wordmark with elongated R and D forms to aid in the unique pronunciation.

a symbol that sets us apart

Accompanying the wordmark is an electric blue lightning bolt. The icon symbolizes RODE’s commitment to creating the right conditions for lightening to strike through accessible confidence, creative exploration, and collaborative leadership.

Kevin Deabler, RODE Founder

Our brand needed to reflect the bold type of work we produce along with our flexible, collaborative approach to architecture. Proportion created an indie rock persona that clearly defines our unique position in the industry.

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