Ruka Restaurant

Boldly introducing Nikkei cuisine to a new market.


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The Story

In Boston’s Godfrey Hotel, Ruka Restobar is a transformative Nikkei concept that celebrates a bold intersection of food & culture. Proportion worked with COJE, the group behind the region’s most creative culinary spots, and Bergmeyer Associates to realize the brand through positioning, identity, and an extensive menu program design

a confluence of cultures

Drawing a duality of inspiration from historical Peruvian & Japanese design, pattern and color, the Ruka brand embodies the convergence of traditions central to Nikkei cuisine.

engaging layers of art, color, typography, and pattern

The Ruka aesthetic overall rests upon a foundation of modern design form developed with complimentary street art elements for a solution that stands at the intersection of sophistication, opulence and grittiness.

A transportive menu of Worldly flavors

The comprehensive menu system includes a cocktail passport with custom watercolor icons depicting the unique libations and a wine menu map, organized by the elevation at which the grapes are grown.

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